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Angie's Past Studio in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward

Angie's 1st Studio in Atlanta's
old 4th ward
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Music inspires Art
and Art inspires Music is the online presence of Atlanta artist Angie Wehunt Guettner.   To best understand Angie, is to let her best friend explain Angie and her style.

"Angie Wehunt, a lifelong practitioner of the creative arts, now shares her indomitable spirit and generosity through her paintings.  Exuberant hearts and curvaceous nudes dance across her canvases, each one a festival of color.  This self-taught artist revels in improvisation and the exploration of color, frequently embracing reds for the brightness ("like a neon sign"), happiness ("like a balloon") and deliciousness ("like cherries") they impart.  Ms. Wehunt is a treasured member of Atlanta's creative community and to enjoy one of her paintings is to receive a gift of the hopefulness, gladness, romance, and merriment with which she approaches each day."  

Allison G. Dixon

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